Blue Sky Brown Mud

blue sky

A fabulous new print by Nick Davies. Support the alias crowdfunding campaign and one of these beauties could be yours

Alias at the OSR Project Space

exquisite corpse cover1

2014 has seen Alias go through a review process, looking at internal structuring, organisation focus, and relevance.

Moving Forward and Staying the Same: Artist Led Evolutions will share their findings and look at ideas related to review processes, their benefits and challenges, and how independent activity positions itself in relation to the wider art world, public presentation and local community. Invited speakers include Dave Beech (artist, writer and curator), Bryony Gillard (artist and curator), Mark Gubb (artist) and Toby Huddlestone (artist and curator)

Saturday 24th Jan 2015, 10.30am – 5pm at the OSR Project Space.

More info and Tickets (booking essential)

The secret Life of Michael Calver and the hidden treasures of OSR Projects by Fiona Robinson


Scratch the surface of an English village and behind the closed doors and high hedgerows things are not always what they seem. Sometimes the tranquility has been ruffled by disquiet or dissent…

read more of Fiona Robinson’s review of Micheal Calver’s Uneven Territories

The S Project – Anna Newland Hooper


Anna Newland Hooper’s The S Project is now open, upstairs at Inn the Square, until March 2015. Anna lives and works in Wellington, Somerset. UK. She is currently studying for a research MA in photography at Plymouth University.

This place might be a shit-hole, but here’s joy and paint

precinct 2014 - Michael Calver

Here’s a loose, painterly cityscape of implacable facades and bland brutalist offices, here’s a modernist interjection, hard edged, and here’s a soft edged one too…

read more of Jason Miller’s review of Micheal Calver’s Uneven Territories

Exploring Colour with Michael Calver


Thanks to all of you that travelled from near and far to join us at the OSR Project Space on the final day of Michael Calvers Uneven Territories.  We are really pleased that the Old School Room continues to be a place of learning, meeting and gathering through our programme of artist-led projects. See more photos here

OSR Projects Pop-up restaurant… the movie

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.27.23

Follow this link to see a short film of the Uneven Territories Pop-up restaurant created by chef, food stylist and writer Nico Ghirlando with artist & curator Simon Lee Dicker. Film by Robin Cotsworth at Relay Studio.


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