Nothing Ever Happens – Tonight

The opening of Nothing Ever Happens is upon us and all is looking good at the OSR. We’re very excited to announce that we have commissioned a new piece of work from artist Dafydd Fortt for this exhibition that responds to the theme of landscape and the OSR building.

Fortt’s practice is heavily rooted in and influenced by nature and natural order, with all the beauty and horror that entails, using walking as a means of production.

This new site-specific piece, ‘Mind the Shake Holes, Tyle Haidd to Cwar Yr Ystrad’, is made of hundreds of photographs taken by Fortt during several walks between two quarries in his Welsh homeland. The psychadelic repeated pattern is based on the ‘dance of granymede and calisto’ the two largest moons of jupiter, which is said to be one of the most perfect cosmological patterns in the universe.

We hope you can join us tonight between 6 -9 pm to view this work, and works by Ellie Doney and Michael Day.

2 Comments on “Nothing Ever Happens – Tonight”

  1. Jo says:

    Had a fantastic evening – amazing atmosphere and thought provoking art. Dafydd Fortt”s work prompted much discussion and I love the images and symmetry of it. Why are the red dots different sizes and slightly different colours?

    • Simon Lee Dicker says:

      Thanks Jo, great to see you at the launch party and really glad you had a good evening. I will speak to Daf about the irregular dots destroying the symmetry. This is the first call for OCD friendly shows at the OSR! watch this space.

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