The Random Art Machine requests input


Preston Street Union, an affiliation of artists in and around Exeter, invites OSR associates  (friends and followers) to contribute instructions to feed into The PSU Random Art Machine.

To contribute instructions, simply email with your response to any of the following categories (deadline 30th April 2017):

Name a title for an unknown artwork
Name a location (anything from the Arctic to your elbow)
Name an object or material (anything from an elephant to an emoji)
Name a process or action (anything from singing to squishing)

Over the course of Art Week Exeter, Preston Street Union will generate new works of art following the randomly generated instructions they have been given. Expect chaos, destruction and a few random moments of genius.   PSU warmly invites any OSR associates who would like to get more involved, to join them for a hands-on session during Art Week Exeter (13th – 21st May 2017). Please email as above to arrange.

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