Nothing much ever happened at West Coker. No great man was born or lived or died there. No battle was fought near it nor did any constitutional crisis have its rise in its neighbourhood. It was never the centre of great industry nor the source of widespreading trade. No relic of saint nor monument of art nor scene of natural beauty ever attracted visitors to it.

The Annals of West Coker – Sir Matthew Nathan. Cambridge Press 1957

OSR Projects make things happen.
Producing artist-run projects that connect people through contemporary art.

The work we do from the OSR Project Space in West Coker and further afield, crossing cultures, is a conversation starter; it engages people through its processes of thinking and making, as well as seeking out new and unexpected ways to have impact.

Public involvement, conversation and the sharing of ideas are part of our natural vocabulary; placing people at the centre of artistic activity through creative partnerships, collaboration, and different forms of participation.



Photo: Paulbox – Weather Station (Part II) Simon Lee Dicker 2016

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