Artists (Cultivate 2 – A Gift for Somerset)

Participating Artists (as of 28 April)

OSR Project Artists

Jethro Brice
Megan Calver
Georgina Conroy
Simon Lee Dicker (lead artist)
Jon England
Hazel Evans
Gordon Field
Debbie Fieldhouse
Lucia Harley
Chantelle Henocq
Gabrielle Hoad
Sebastian King
Simon Ledson
Karen Macdonald (curator)
Tim Martin (brewhouse)
Anna Newland Lacono
Grace Richmond
Felicity Shillingford
Nick Slater
Tasha Elena Stevens -Vallecillo
Rebecca Strain

Other gift givers

Amanda C Cox
Anna Fairchild
Marianna Hovhannisyan
Elaine Knight
Yulia Kostereva & Yuriy Kruchak (Open Place)
David Littler and students of KHB Art College Berlin
Brenda Miller
Beth J Ross
Josip Zlanki

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