Response to ‘a gift’ by David Davies

Cultivate 2: A gift for Somerset?
Brewhouse feels such a long way and I need
to give some attention as its part of my space, perhaps…
A gift is a wonderful idea and curious thing. I like
‘local – shared – beyond our shores’ possibilities
and it was good there was more than possible to absorb
and to need more thinking space / sitting / table
and to need my custodian, a collector, restorer
a keeper and giver of gifts
to ‘tell me the story’:
so I did it, which was good.  I loved
the taped walls and use of height
which had an illusory appeal; there was a disconcerting
laboratory feel to participating and a sense of breaking
into a private discussion. I felt lonely – the tubes and liquid
felt bleak and I wanted to add blue pigment
and for it to spill onto the floor.
I wanted more beauty – more blue stone –
I needed a gift for Somerset to be beautiful
wasn’t sure what to do about it
and needed to begin:
and so it works.

David Davis May 2012

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