Dawes’ Twineworks – West Coker

For 500 years the making of canvas and twine was the most important industry in South Somerset with Coker Canvas as the sailcloth of choice for the Navy and Pirates alike. The underlying geology of the area, the Jurassic soils and the gentle hills and streams were perfect for growing hemp and flax, the raw materials for the twine industry.

Dawes’ Twineworks is a near complete example of a late C19 twineworks, with surviving in-situ machinery and fittings which represent all the stages of manufacture and finishing of twine. It is thought to be the only rural twineworks remaining in England with all its machinery.

After 9 years of work the volunteers that run The Coker Rope and Sail Trust have been successful in receiving funding from English Heritage, The Architectural Heritage Fund, South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council to regenerate the Twine works into an exhibition centre, consisting of a museum, engine house and dedicated educational space.

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