Dropper’s – Andy Webster & Darren Ray

Dropper’s – Andy Webster & Darren Ray
OSR Projects Lobster Trap commission 2016

Exhibition taking place at the OSR Project Space
16 April – 8 May 2016 Thursday – Saturday 11am – 5pm (or by appointment)

In 1965 Gene Bernofsky, Jo Ann Bernofsky and Clark Richet graduates of the University of Kansas desired to live and work together free from the hierarchies and restrictions of mainstream life so moved to a plot of land near Trinidad Colorado and built an experimental settlement they named ‘Drop City.’ Their aim was for the site to be an environmental research centre a collaborative space for artists inventors free-­‐thinkers and collectives who wished to celebrate creative experimentation; for people they described as ‘Droppers’. Bernofsky commented that ‘in the old days it was the Gold Rush that had brought people together but now people come together looking for the true life.’ For the ‘Droppers’ establishing a non-­hierarchical community openly sharing ideas collectively living and working together was seen as the embodiment of this idea of the ‘true life.’

50 years on do the Droppers thoughts and ideals still have relevance? What might the idea of the ‘true life’ mean today? In what ways might we still be looking for the true life? Collaborative artist’s Ray and Webster propose to explore these questions in their project ‘Dropper’s.’