Unearthed – Simon Lee Dicker at Dawes’ Twineworks

Simon Lee Dicker at Dawes’ Twineworks
Exhibition taking place at Dawe’ Twineworks and the OSR Project Space
3 – 24 October 2015 Thursday – Saturday 11am – 5pm (or by appointment)

Momentum is the thread that holds Dawes’ Twineworks together. Situated on the old London/Cornwall road it is, and has always been, a place to pass through. With an industry built of moving parts. Propelling pirates, explorers and athletes around the world.

Taking his lead from the physical processes involved in the production of twine and the social impact of the twine industry on this small rural community Simon Lee Dicker has spent six months as artist in residence at Dawes’ Twineworks producing a body of work that explores the Twineworks social and industrial heritage.

Ropewalker – Walking twelve miles up and down the 100-yard long ropewalk, the average distance a worker at the Twineworks walked in a day, Simon left a trail of luminous thread that has ben collected up and wound on to a large spindle that was originally used in the production of twine. Illuminated at the far end of the ropewalk this sculptural object is clearly visible and can be observed in detail through a telescope located in the public viewing area at the North end of the Ropewalk. (At Dawes’ Twineworks)

Coker White – 250 meters of Canvas sails suspended outside the Dawes’ Twineworks and OSR Project Space. The local community worked with Simon to turn the OSR Project Space into a sail loft for the production of hundreds of small versions of the type of sails that would have been made locally over the past 600 years. (Around the Village of West Coker). This installation is inspired by the writer Daniel Defoe who, when passing through the village of West Coker, saw canvases drying in the fields and commented on the ‘sea of white’ that confronted him.

Unearthed – A series of drawings exploring the rich and diverse connections associated the history of the Twineworks. These labour intensive drawings mirror the tough and arduous work undertaken at the Twineworks, each telling a different story, from ‘the coin that paid for the Kaisers sail’ to ‘a child’s boot found after 150 years underground’. (Exhibited at OSR Project Space).

This work has been commissioned by Somerset Art Works (SAW) the exhibition will take place at the OSR Project Space and Dawe’s Twineworks during the Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2015.

Special Events:

Exhibition preview and Tour of the Twineworks
Saturday 10 October 6-9 pm starting at the OSR Project Space

An evening of words and reminiscences with local Poets
Thursday 22 October 7.30-9 pm at the OSR Project Space

This project has been commissioned by Somerset Art Weeks (SAW) and is part of the SAW festival 2015.

OSR Project Space – Old School Room, Church Street, West Coker, Somerset BA22 9BD
Dawe’s Twineworks – 94A High Street, West Coker,  Somerset BA22 9AU


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