Ellie Doney

Ellie Doney trained in glass and ceramics at the Royal College of Art. She works with different materials to explore the nature of materiality and transformation. Much of the work focuses on sensual and psychological currents within matter itself. Her process of creating work is experimental and gestural, looking for ways to reveal the behaviour of stuff, and to create an implied sensuality, provoking an almost physiological response, a reflection of ourselves.

For Nothing Ever Happens, Doney will be showing work from her ‘Applied Dreaming’ series. These sculptural forms capture a moment between liquid and solid; they are dreamlike, ephemeral interpretations of matter, time and universe. With a slight cartoon aesthetic, they are reminiscent of changing states, transformations, puffs of smoke, or experiments caught mid-action. Doney’s creative process, that is evident in the final chance forms that are produced, adds to this sense of experimentation. They are a mix of illusion and reality, perched between what is and what could be. Their scale puts the viewer into a god-like position, looking down over a tiny tableau, highlighting how small and insignificant we are in relation to the world and universe around us.

in glass and ceramics
in glass and ceramics

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