Irish Artist Rebecca Strain Born 1981 Dublin. Lives Dorset UK

Rebecca’s practice is informed and inspired by the act of making paper and the creation of the document.  Paper is the medium upon which we can document ideas and share them with others.  The nature of the paper maker is a scavenger reliant on the waste materials of others to produce their product.  At the beginning of the 19th century paper makers made pleas to villagers to give their waste cotton to supply the paper mills where it was then macerated and sold on to printers, writers, thinkers and artists who continued the spread information and ideas.  Her work too relies on contribution; materials, action, ideas or time offered by a collection of people or community.

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British Artist Simon Lee Dicker Born 1975 London. Lives Somerset UK.

Simon’s art explores contemporary notions of landscape and place with a focus on the “tension between proximity and distance, body and mind, sensuous immersion and detached observation” (1).

At home, working in public spaces or the more liberal environment of the art gallery, his work embodies a shifting aesthetic that has taken the form of earthworks, websites, light-based installations, action research, drawing and sculpture. Oscillating between public realm projects and studio based activity, his practice is constantly on the move, whilst retaining a simple playfulness and joie de vivre throughout.

In 2011 Simon and his partner and long term creative collaborator Chantelle Henocq established OSR Projects, a transitional artists group based at the Old School Room in the Somerset village of West Coker.  The aim of OSR Projects is to provide space for creative exploration and collaboration, providing a platform for artists to produce and exhibit work, to network and develop professional practice.

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1 Quote from Landscape by John Wylie (2007).

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