‘The Golden Space City of God’

Richard Grayson – The Golden Space City of God

24 January – 9 February 2014

Thursday – Saturday 11am – 5pm. Sunday 12 – 4pm (or by appointment)
Preview – Thursday 23 January 6-9pm

The Golden Space City of God by Richard Grayson, the first solo exhibition to be held at the OSR Project Space by a major international artist, is a large-scale video installation with sound featuring a choral work performed by a 26 piece choir. The installation gives the impression of a space linked to community expression and exchange, a church or community hall. This has a heightened resonance in the context of the OSR Project Space, formerly known as the Old School Room, built in 1850 and used as a school for only 26 years before becoming the unofficial community hall for the village of West Coker.

The Golden Space City of God score was composed by Leo Chadburn based on a libretto by the artist – which appears as subtitles in the video work –abstracted from a website associated with The Family, a community that developed from the 1960’s cult Children of God. It is based upon texts that give a detailed prediction of events leading up to the end of the world, drawn from the Book of  Revelation and re-imagined through the languages and imagery of science fiction. They describe the widespread economic and social unrest that will spread across the globe following an oil crisis and the collapse of Dollar-based economies. Out of this chaos a leader emerges, assisted by UFOs, who establishes a worldwide government through his use of credit and barcode technologies, UNESCO and the European Economic Community…

He builds a robot and Capitalism is abolished;

Jesus returns to Earth to fight against his empire and establish a kingdom of the saved;

A thousand years pass where survivors live in an ideal society based on an agrarian economy of exchange, and the elect – who have been given new supernatural indestructible bodies – rule over the rest of humankind, using the power of invisibility to place them effectively;

The masses rise again only to be defeated by fire and plague and God descends in the biggest space ship ever built, the Golden Space City, to take the elect away to explore and colonise new planets and galaxies…


The Golden Space City of God was filmed and recorded at Say Si in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday 14 March 2009 and was commissioned and produced by Artpace, San Antonio and Matt’s Gallery London.

 The artwork was funded and supported by:

 With additional funding and support for the exhibition at the OSR Project Space from;

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Richard Grayson is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London and Yuill/Crowley Gallery, Sidney

special thanks to all at Matt’s Gallery for your help and support

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