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Struggling with post-Xmas malaise? Still sick of the sight of turkey? Has the diet failed? Are you back on the fags? Well, take heart – there’s a new exhibition presented by Simon Lee Dicker at the OSR Project Space in West Coker to bolster the spirit.

The Golden Space City of God is a filmed choral work by Richard Grayson and is projected on to the back wall of the gallery. Speakers and chairs are all positioned precisely to the artist’s instructions thus creating a complete environment. The installation is aided and abetted by the audience who either sit as silently as the creaky chairs will allow for the 45 minute duration of the piece or move in and out at will. The libretto is concerned with the ecological and technological breakdown of society, the dominance of Satan and the eventual return of Christ and is derived from the beliefs of the  the cult known as the Children of God. It’s a choral Book of Revelations, a prophecy in song. But it ends on an uplifting note with the return of God in his golden spaceship and a Utopian existence for mankind. All good and positive stuff for the new year.

For those of you who are not inclined to appreciate the delights of gazing at huge choristers heads projected in HD then there is a small gallery adjoining the exhibition space where a couple of drawings by the artist are on display.

It’s unlikely that Simon will be curating any further exhibitions at the OSR Project Space until the autumn so this will be your last chance for a while to experience something new and challenging in the Yeovil area. Drop in and pay him a visit.

Scoop Malloy

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